Day 90 Bitcoin Trading Bot Results

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Day 90, Up $61 on yesterday

In this video, I give an update day on the profits that online bitcoin trading bots are making me.

In 2 months, they have doubled my investment of $6k into $12k, on autopilot with minimal input from me.

I am not a trader and this is NOT financial advice. I'm just a normal guy.

Automated cryptocurrency trading Bots are like programs, they buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies based on a fixed set of rules.
Using trading bots is like having a pro trader doing the trading for you while you sleep.

I started with my own money, $6k at the beginning of February 2021 and my balance grows daily.

If you are interested in bitcoin crypto trading bot platforms then check it out. I hope you find it entertaining.

I use CryptoHopper & Bitsgap to run the bots, there are links below you can use to get started.

Thanks for watching...

See you tomorrow.

CryptoHopper - start here atid=2302

Profit Hero Strategy - marketplace/item?item_id=9156&atid=2302
Profit Hero Signals - signaller?signaller_id=395?atid=2302
Profit Hero Template - marketplace/item?item_id=9154?atid=2302

CryptoHopper config setup - z7o5Kh_TLsI​
Spreadsheet I use : x/s!Ai2H1l8803XuhNYeZa9UWqoQMXO5AA?e=Li7qbp

Bitsgap - Grid trading bot - start here ref=e897947

Blog: https://
Facebook: CryptoBotResults
Twitter: BotProfits

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